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As a rule, the development of a website takes about one month +/- one week, but since we offer you half-finished packages, the development or adaptation of your new website takes a maximum of three weeks, provided we have all the necessary content.

We are a well-coordinated team and we know exactly what we can do. Ha-ha … fun aside. We did a lot of preparatory work and created semi-finished demo pages that can be quickly adapted or changed.

WordPress is a free content management system. It was programmed as software for weblogs by Matthew Mullenweg in 2003 and is constantly being developed as an open source project. WordPress is the most widespread system for operating websites with approx. 50% share of all CMS and Wikipedia

From our experience, we can only say that WordPress offers more options in terms of expanding the functions, since the web developer has countless plug-ins available.

Once you’ve decided which package is right for you, all you have to do is provide us with the content for your future website. We take care of the rest ourselves.

As soon as we agree on what you really want, we will deliver exactly what we have discussed and contractually agreed with you. Since we have already put together 3 packages for you, you of course also have the option of compiling or expanding the contents of the individual packages as required.
Don’t be afraid to ask …

Since we are a modern, digital agency, most of our customer contact is done digitally. Nevertheless, we are always available for you by phone and we are happy to make personal appointments with you as required.


Webdesign-Order is a small but fine web agency that has been on the market since the beginning of 2013. We are a web agency of the progressive kind. Since we are mostly freelancers, we only work from home. We save a lot of costs and therefore we can afford to offer you the best prices …

We have created a dozen packages for various projects and projects in demo mode. We thought of artists, craftsmen, doctors, restaurants, photo studios or future e-shop owners and even start-ups. Is your package not included ..!? We have all solutions on offer. Just ask!

Every company needs brand recognition – after all, it is about your company, your services or products and when you need them again, it is always extremely important that you recognize your company and not just forget it.

Therefore it is extremely important that your logo is well thought out, authentic and individually designed just for you …

It depends on your needs and ideas. We have put together three packages for you. What we can offer you is openness and transparency. We also offer nursing contracts – so you don’t have to pay everything at once, but pay a monthly flat rate. Another advantage: We are constantly working on your website and keep it up to date

In the era of absolute digitalization of the world, an entrepreneur or company is hardly imaginable without its own website. So a website is nothing more than one, the best business card of an entrepreneur or company. It is no secret that a website has to look good, be very informative and always have the appropriate technical level. Findability, responsiveness at Google plays a very important role – otherwise your website is simply useless!

Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question. To solve the problem, we need to analyze the whole page completely and thoroughly. The best way to clarify a lot is in a non-binding consultation. Just ask us …

A website that looks good on the PC is only half a thing and in reality it doesn’t do much, because today most pages on the Internet are accessed or visited via a smartphone, the page has to be exactly the same as on display on the PC. If your website is not “responsive”, it will not only have a bad effect on your customers or business partners, but it will also be punished by Google – which, of course, should be avoided.


A website is your most important business card that has to be constantly optimized. Nothing is worse than a website that is not working properly, is technically out of date or has an out-of-date content.

Optimization is an ongoing process and must be carried out continuously or as required. The costs are directly dependent on the work involved, but are limited as soon as the optimization is carried out regularly.

Search engine optimization – measures that serve to increase the visibility of a website and its content for users of a web search engine. Wikipedia

If your company is difficult or impossible to find on the Internet, this point goes to your competitors! It is always good as soon as a new or your old customer searches for you or your company on the Internet and also finds you quickly. For Google it is extremely important that websites are always up to date – ancient content, on the other hand, is punished mercilessly by our favorite search engine.

Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question. SEO optimization is just like optimizing your website an ongoing process. After the first optimization, the first results only become visible after 2-3 weeks. The costs for a complete SEO optimization are always calculated according to the time required.

Responsive design – not only makes your website look good and suitable on the monitor of a PC, but also on all common smart phones and tablets. In plain text it is about the representability of the website content.

The cost depends on the size, the website and the amount of content.


Since classic advertising does not have the reach of social media platforms, a network of connections to all common social media networks is essential today.

  • Social networks – list & tips
    XING has a proud 16.4 million members in German-speaking countries. …
  • LinkedIn. LinkedIn is XING’s big brother: the social network for professional contacts has 500 million users who are spread across the globe. …

Number of users

  • Facebook has approximately 2.6 billion active users, of whom 1.73 billion are active every day.
  • Instagram approx.1.2 billion active users, of which 500 million are active every day.
  • YouTube. approx. 2 billion active users, of which 1.5 billion are active every day.
  • Vimeo. approx. 900 million active users
  • Pinterest. approx. 300 million active users
  • Snapchat. approximately 229 million. active users

Decide for yourself whether you want to voluntarily forego this enormous scope of your possible advertising …

Setting up your social media networks is not the most expensive, but optimization and maintenance. That is why you can never answer this question across the board. But it doesn’t cost the world …

Nobody can answer this question clearly. However, we say that since Facebook has the most active users and is accessible to everyone, Facebook would be the first choice.

Google AdSense is an online service of the US company Google LLC, which displays advertisements on websites outside of the company’s own offerings. The core of the advertising service is an algorithm that takes the content of the target website into account when selecting advertising. The service was launched on 18 Wikipedia

To answer the question clearly “yes” without actively promoting your company without Google AdSense is not really possible.

It takes a lot of time. And money if you want to set it up and maintain it. However, it is essential if you want to most effectively sell your services and products in connection with SEO.