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Digital strategy is everything for a company! Every second small business has no digital strategy!

“Banner advertising actually has a real problem and that is: bad creation!”

Lars Lehne, County Manager Google Germany:

Our portfolio ranges between sophisticated design and creative ideas. We use more than 7 years of experience to tailor your online presence perfectly to your needs and wishes. At Webdesign-order we develop a digital identity that will underline your company profile exactly.

Around three out of ten companies in Germany (28 percent) do not yet have a digital strategy; for small companies, four out of ten do. The leading companies on the path to digital transformation are above all the large companies with 500 or more employees or with annual sales of at least 50 million euros. For medium-sized companies (50 to 499 employees; 10 to 50 million euros in sales), the share is around a quarter (23 percent). Small businesses have a lot of catching up to do (20 to 49 employees, 1 to 10 million euros in sales). 41 percent of the companies surveyed stated that they did not have a digital strategy.

“Small companies in particular are often faced with the problem that they do not know where to start. A good start can therefore be to exchange ideas with others who are already here, ”says Anja Olsok, managing director of Bitkom Servicegesellschaft mbH. “It is not necessary to travel to Silicon Valley to get ideas for digitizing your own company. In Germany, too, there are pioneers among companies whose knowledge can benefit the entire economy, ”says Olsok.

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